Real Estate

Real Estate

Attorney Cole Galloway can assist clients in resolving their real estate needs, recognizing that market forces are the driving force in making the best decisions.

Attorney Galloway, can work with commercial real estate developers, owners, property managers, commercial tenants and homeowners. His real estate practice includes:

  • Commercial & Residential Leases
  • Installment Land Sale Contracts
  • Property Management Contracts
  • Rent and Lease Collection
  • Construction Contracts
  • Title Insurance Matters
  • Easements & Restrictive Covenants

Attorney Galloway can also represent clients in real estate litigation concerning commercial and residential properties in various actions under Indiana real estate law such as:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Construction Liens
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Landlord-Tenant Matters
  • Agency Relationship Liability
  • Quiet Title Actions

Selling or buying real estate?  In order to protect your rights you need an attorney that understands the real estate law and transactions. Attorney Galloway can assist Sellers and Buyers in the closing of their real estate.

High attorney hourly rates and excessive fees are a thing of the past with the rise of technology. Although some circumstance call for hard copies, Attorney Galloway cuts client expenses by: sending and receiving faxes digitally, filing lawsuits online, and by backing up all hard-copy files electronically to cut down on photocopying and printing expenses. By offering a reasonable hourly rate and being easily accessible, Attorney Galloway is able to assist real estate clients that need it the most.

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